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SAAOL | Science and Art of Living SAAOL | Science and Art of Living
SAAOL | Science and Art of Living
SAAOL | Science and Art of Living SAAOL | Science and Art of Living

About Us


Best Heart Center In UP - The Science and Art Of Living (SAAOL) , was established in 1995. It is India's most extensive cardiac rehabilitation and reversal program. Saaol currently has 75+ hospitals in Asia. Saaol's mission is to improve the quality of life and lower the risk of developing heart disease. Saaol has over 75 branches worldwide, including in the USA and Bangladesh. It treats more than 20,000 patients annually.

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Why saaol for your heart reversal program

25 Years of experience

90+ Branches

300k+ Patients treated

FDA Approved Treatments

Available Treatments

EECP Treatment

The goal of EECP Treatment in Bikaner, which was first offered in 1960, is to enhance the flow of blood back to the heart, giving it more blood to operate with.

Saaol Detox

Calcium and superfluous lipid or fat molecules make up the majority of artery blockages.

Life Style

Yoga has already been recognized by modern science as being very helpful for human body healing.

Zero Oil Cooking

The most common types of fat in meals include triglycerides, cholesterol, and phospholipid, among others.

Meet Our Doctors

It is not just our Facilities & Treatment that make Us Good. What makes us Special is a Team of our Highly Qualified Doctors & Friendly Staff.

Dr. Kusum Kanwar

Dr Kusum is serving as EECP consultant at saaol. With a long experience in the flied Dr. Kusum consults and advises patients how they can come up with healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Sachin Gupta

Dr. Sachin has joined saaol as MD Physician and consult patients. Dr. Sachin believes in non-surgical treatments for heart disease.

Dr. Pratibha Tiwari

Dr. Pratibha is assigned as lifestyle expert. Her job is to lead heart patients to healthy lifestyle by avoiding unhealthy food and stressed life.

Dr. Nihar Trivedi

Dr. Nihar Trved With a long experience in the flied, Dr. Nihar joined saaol as a senior consultant. Dr. Nihar has worked in so many cardiac institutes, and concludes to avoid surgery.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer

Dr Chhajer is a pioneer of non invasive cardiology in India. And has treated more than 3 lakh patients without Bypass surgery and stent throughout India.

Best Heart Center In UP

This is a non-invasive treatment that is offered as outpatient therapy. Patients with angina/coronary arterial condition who have undergone multiple surgeries in the past or are unable to undergo surgery (bypass or angioplasty, for instance) due to specific contraindications or refusing surgery, might be advised to undergo this procedure.
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It's a method to open the arteries or the formation of collaterals to allow an unnatural bypass for blocked or narrowed arteries. The process involves wrapping huge sleeves around the calves buttocks, and thighs that are then deflated and inflated. Each time you compress, the veins in the lower extremities are enlarged, thereby increasing the flow of blood to the heart as it's relaxing.
When the heart pumps or contracts the pressure is released reducing resistance in the blood vessels of the legs. Inflation and deflation can be electronically linked to the rhythm of your heart and pressure by using an ECG or blood pressure gauges. This treatment is offered for 35 hours and is being administered for 1-2 hours per day, seven days per week, for seven weeks.
It should not be administered if the person is pregnant, or suffering from arrhythmias blood disorders, diseases in the lower limbs, aortic aneurysms, etc. It is prescribed by a Cardiologist or Cardiac surgeon.
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EECP is utilized to treat patients suffering from chronic stable angina and coronary artery disease and hypertension. Recently it was announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (formerly known as the UAS has approved EECP to treat chronic heart failure. This treatment is suitable for patients who aren't qualified for non-surgical procedures such as balloon angioplasty the placement of stents, rotoblation atherectomy, or brachytherapy. It can also be utilized to treat patients who don't meet the criteria for surgical procedures such as coronary bypass surgery.
Other than Heart Disease EECP has shown an excellent result in treating Diabetic Thyroid and improving Brain Function, Alzheimer's, Brain Stroke, and Other Anomaly Medical Conditions due to the obstruction of blood flow.
EECP Cost is different from one service provider to another provider. A good EECP Treatment provider must offer an extensive and complete rehabilitation program that can be continuously monitored more than 90 percent of service providers do not have this aspect. Apart from the treatment protocols. A professional should make use of US - FDA Approved equipment to obtain the most effective results.
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In certain instances when the heart's pumping rate is under 45%, of the time, a patient should be advised to use an external oxygen source with EECP however, adding this procedure will increase the cost of total treatment. In India typically, a center that is offering EECP that meets international standards costs between 80000 to 120000 rupees for 35 sessions of ECG. The total cost could be higher if the number of sessions is increased because of any reason.
Saaol Heart Center is a Global EECP Provider in India, Saaol follows international standards regarding safety and quality. It operates by a unique four-dimensional health and wellness plan that includes EECP. Saaol is a one-step process to get an additional opinion and lifestyle consultation with a team of top cardiologists and health coaches.
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EECP Treatment Centers in UP

Saaol Heart Center Hospital is a well-known EECP clinic in India An organization that is the pioneer of EECP treatments across India in the year 1995. Saaol Heart Center EECP treatment centers are part of Vaso-Meditech Private Limited, Chennai, India. It is a well-known team of skilled medical professionals and specialists who provide cutting-edge heart care solutions using Vaso-Meditech's enhanced external Counterpulsation (EECP) for Non-Invasive Cardiology. EECP therapy assists in the formation of the new blood vessels naturally and is a viable alternative to bypass surgeries and angioplasty. EECP treatment is a viable alternative option for patients who prefers a non-surgical treatment for heart disease.
|| Best Heart Center In UP
Our mission is to surpass expectations in every aspect and provide individualized heart care services within a setting of comfort, care, and ease across India. Presently we offer EECP treatments are offered in over twenty-five EECP centers and in 10 cities across India offering 70,000 sessions per year, which is the largest in the world.
We are committed to simplicity and well-being, we have been the pioneers in the introduction of affordable EECP treatment in India. The company was founded by Dr. Bimal chhajer is a skilled physician who has a remarkable name in the field of non-invasive cardiac care and a recognized specialist in EECP Treatment.
|| Best Heart Center In UP

Locations Of Saaol Heart Center Hospitals In UP

UP - AGRA - ETAWAH - ETAH - Jhansi – MAINPURI - FIROZABAD - MATHURA – Hathras - Kasganj


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