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heart blockage

How Does EECP Treatment Help My Heart Function Better?

EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) is a non-invasive treatment for patients with heart disease. It involves compressing the arteries and veins in the lower limbs in sync with the patient’s heartbeat to improve blood flow to the heart. This treatment has been used successfully for many years to improve heart functionRead More

Heart Attacks

What’s Behind the Rise in Heart Attacks Among Young People?

According to studies, the risk of heart attacks among young people has startlingly increased by 2% since last year, raising grave concerns. There are various contributing causes to the increased risks of heart attacks in young adults, particularly those aged 20 to 30. These variables range from bad lifestyle choicesRead More

EECP Treatment

Best Heart Hospitals for EECP Treatment

SAAOL means “to do things in the best possible manner” in Rajasthani. The word SAAOL stands for the science and art of living. Founded in 1995, it is one of the largest heart hospitals in India for EECP treatment. Currently, we have over 100+ hospitals in Asia wherein our goalRead More

IV Therapy

The Importance of IV Therapy After Drug Detox

Anyone who has undergone drug detox may be overwhelmed at the task of juggling their health while rewriting their journeys. In this section we discuss how in-home IV therapy can play a vital role in setting up those with material use disorders for success as they reclaim their lives. WhatRead More

Coronary Angiogram

What is a CT Coronary Angiogram and How Should You Prepare For It?

A CT coronary angiogram is just a simple, painless test, like an X-ray. A CT scanner is a potent X-ray device that creates a comprehensive image of your body by combining several cross-sectional images of it (referred to as slices). The clarity of a machine’s scans increases with the numberRead More