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EECP Treatment in Bikaner Heart Hospital Bikaner
SAAOL | Science and Art of Living
SAAOL | Science and Art of Living SAAOL | Science and Art of Living

About Us


Heart Hospital Bikaner | EECP Treatment in Bikaner | The Science and Art Of Living (SAAOL) , was established in 1995. It is India's most extensive cardiac rehabilitation and reversal program. Saaol currently has 75+ hospitals in Asia. Saaol's mission is to improve the quality of life and lower the risk of developing heart disease. Saaol has over 75 branches worldwide, including in the USA and Bangladesh. It treats more than 20,000 patients annually.

Why saaol for your heart reversal program

25 Years of experience

90+ Branches

300k+ Patients treated

FDA Approved Treatments

Available Treatments

EECP Treatment

The goal of EECP Treatment in Bikaner, which was first offered in 1960, is to enhance the flow of blood back to the heart, giving it more blood to operate with.

Saaol Detox

Calcium and superfluous lipid or fat molecules make up the majority of artery blockages.

Life Style

Yoga has already been recognized by modern science as being very helpful for human body healing.

Zero Oil Cooking

The most common types of fat in meals include triglycerides, cholesterol, and phospholipid, among others.

Meet Our Doctors

It is not just our Facilities & Treatment that make Us Good. What makes us Special is a Team of our Highly Qualified Doctors & Friendly Staff.

Dr. Kusum Kanwar

Dr Kusum is serving as EECP consultant at saaol. With a long experience in the flied Dr. Kusum consults and advises patients how they can come up with healthy lifestyle. | Heart Hospital Bikaner

Dr. Sachin Gupta

Dr. Sachin has joined saaol as MD Physician and consult patients. Dr. Sachin believes in non-surgical treatments for heart disease.

Dr. Pratibha Tiwari

Dr. Pratibha is assigned as lifestyle expert. Her job is to lead heart patients to healthy lifestyle by avoiding unhealthy food and stressed life.

Dr. Nihar Trivedi

Dr. Nihar Trved With a long experience in the flied, Dr. Nihar joined saaol as a senior consultant. Dr. Nihar has worked in so many cardiac institutes, and concludes to avoid surgery.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer

Dr Chhajer is a pioneer of non invasive cardiology in India. And has treated more than 3 lakh patients without Bypass surgery and stent throughout India.

Non-invasive Heart Blockage Reversal EECP Treatment In Bikaner | Heart Hospital Bikaner

Are you or someone you know suffering from any heart disease? Or having problems with chest pain or breathlessness? Many heart patients do not want to undergo any cardiac surgery, and so here, Saaol Heart Center Bikaner provides non-invasive, cost-effective and advantageous treatment for them-EECP Treatment. | Heart Hospital BikanerAn initiative of heart blockage reversal treatment without any operation by Dr.Bimal Chhajer resulted in Saaol. Saaol runs the "Heart Blockage Reversal Program" across India since 1995 to treat heart patients who had a heart attack and had undergone any cardiac surgery. Saaol Bikaner is one of the most reputed branches offering consultation, EECP treatment , Detox treatment, Lifestyle modification and Zero Oil Diet food. Before suggesting any treatment, our experienced cardiologists prefer necessary tests to understand the real problem. Additionally, Saaol Bikaner also offers ambulance service and accommodation to out-of-town patients.We have treated 500+ low heart pumping patients successfully and gained their trust. | Heart Hospital Bikaner

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