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Best Heart Hospital for EECP Treatment


EECP (Enhanced Exterior Counter Pulsation) is a US FDA approved non-invasive, non-surgical outpatient treatment for angina relief in heart patients. EECP increases blood flow to the heart muscles through the opening of new blood vessels called collateral arteries. This is an alternative option to Angioplasty & bypass Surgery for heart disease and other conditions. Your blood vessels can create a bypass around narrowed or blocked arterial arteries, which can cause angina or chest pain. EECP is beneficial to patients suffering from Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, Diabetics and Kidney Disease, as well as other medical conditions.


EECP is safe and risk-free for heart patients. The EECP patient is administered by three pairs of inflatable cuffs. They are placed around the legs, buttocks and upper legs. The cuffs inflate and contract continuously during resting periods of the heartbeat to increase blood return to the heart.


Heart Hospital for EECP Treatment




The heart has thousands of blood vessels that supply every tissue with blood. From the three major coronary arteries, there are about 10 branches. The hundreds of branches give rise to thousands more. These small and thin branches are known as Capillaries. All of them are connected and can receive or give blood to one another. When some major or minor arteries become blocked, these channels can provide blood supply to the heart muscles. These thin arteries can be made wider, more open and more flexible to ensure adequate blood supply for the heart muscles. This is called a “NATURAL BYPASS” (or “GREEN BYPASS”), and involves the development, opening, and widening of these narrow arteries. This treatment is scientifically known as “Pneumatically Assisted Nature Bypass” (or “PAN Bypass”)


These thin arteries (also known as Collaterals or Capillaries) are a natural and continuous process in the human body. It occurs in every organ. It is called an “ANGIOGENESIS” in medical science. These channels develop over time in all organs. However, most are not functional and are only present in passive or sleeping states. The amount of these tubes will vary from one person to another depending on his lifestyle and what he eats. Because athletes do a lot of exercise, their natural channels develop more and are functionally larger.


These tubes are made so that athletes don’t get angina, even if they have blockages of 80-90%. Even if their heart muscle is affected 100%, they will not be in danger of death.


Heart Hospital for EECP Treatment


How do you create these Natural bypass Channels


It is unrealistic to expect a heart patient will be able to exercise or run like an athlete. He will soon get Angina. The advancements in technology have allowed us to create and open parallel channels in our hearts very quickly. The machine increases blood flow in the coronary channels artificially by increasing pressure at the roots of the coronary vessels. This machine can open the parallel arteries/capillary system in just one hour. It will also supply more blood to your heart muscles. To fully develop the second Natural Channel, this treatment must be continued for 35 consecutive sessions.


The procedure creates and maintains thousands of natural, thin arteries in the area between blocked arteries. A “NATURAL BYPASS” is created. It can replace Coronary Angioplasty and Surgical Bypass.


This treatment is completely non-surgical / non-invasive. Patients can receive treatment at saaol in about 2 hours for a minimal cost and after that can continue their jobs or businesses without any worry. There are no side effects. The slogan “NO PAIN NO SURGERY and NO HOSPITALISATION” is gaining popularity these days in India.


Heart Hospital for EECP Treatment


What is the EECP machine?


It is important to know that blood flows to the coronary vessels during the period when the heart muscles relax, called diastole. Systole is when blood cannot enter most of the arteries because the heart muscles contract, making it impossible for blood to flow. During diastole, this machine pumps more blood to the heart muscle. The machine has synchronized pressure systems that are wrapped around extra blood storage areas. These pressure systems are activated in synchronization so that more blood reaches the source of the coronary vessels during each diastole of the heart. These periods flush out blood from the elastic capillaries, which are dormant and stretchable, so that the coronary arteries become full.


This means that the machine can open the heart arteries for 35 hours, opening them up more than an athlete could do in 35 years. It’s better than Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery.


Heart Hospital for EECP Treatment


This Natural Bypass treatment is accepted around the globe.


This machine has enjoyed a lot popularity over the past two decades. This treatment is now approved by nearly all medical associations around the globe, including the FDA, American Heart Association, American Society of Cardiology (AHA), European Society of Cardiology (ACC), American College of Cardiology (ACC), NHS – UK, American Medicare, and many others. This machine is used in more than 600 American hospitals. It has nearly replaced Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery in China. This treatment is being used in as many as 10000 hospitals in China. The machine is also available in India at most major hospitals, including Metro Heart Institute, New Delhi, Escorts Heart Institute and Metro Heart Institute. However, some of Indian hospitals consider this less profitable and prefer Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery because they are more financially viable.


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Heart Hospital for EECP Treatment