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“What Happens Outside Is Not Always Under Your Control. But what happens within is always under your control.

Yoga and contemporary allopathic medical science employ the same scientific methodology. This encompasses the process’s and its results’ reproducibility and verifiability.
Medical-Heart Yogas

Saaol’s Life Style modification programme

Half of Saaol’s treatments have been allopathic, and the other half have been ayurvedic. Modern science has determined that yoga has a significant positive impact on physical healing. Saaol has developed Medical-Heart Yogas for Cardiac Patients by fusing Ayurveda and allopathic therapy.
Saaol set up the atmosphere and the equipment to support patients’ circulatory systems. Saaol built cutting-edge structures in a remote area. Slow instrumental music enables the patient to relax and find calm while allowing them to focus on their position. Yoga is a fantastic technique to improve the efficacy of your treatments.


  • Yoga asanas have been used in conjunction with Ayurvedic therapy for a long time. Its therapeutic effects are supported by scientific research.
  • A distinct subset of yoga called “Medical Yoga” concentrates on asanas to treat a variety of diseases. Diagnoses are made through medical diagnostics in medical yoga.
  • It places a strong emphasis on energy/oxygen supply conservation and targets it at particular subsystems, such as the muscular, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. This restores equilibrium to the body-mind complex’s energy flows, creating an unending state of pure ecstasy. Medical yoga poses can be extremely beneficial, deeply soothing, and energy-saving.

How Life Style modification programme benefits those with heart disease.

Following EECP therapy, cardiac patients receive daily one-hour sessions of medical-heart yoga. In order to address the ailment, these yoga work to open the “Heart Chakra,” boost blood flow to the heart, and strengthen the region.
Using information about the patient’s medical history and symptoms, Saaol’s doctor develops a yoga programme. Yoga instructors are taught to accommodate each patient’s schedule while working with them.

The advantages of Life Style modification programme

  • The thoracic organs, particularly the heart, are under less pressure after this procedure. Additionally, it aids in bolstering the weaker heart muscles.
  • Additionally, it can boost collateral blood flow to an ischemia (oxygen-deficient) location, which improves and rejuvenates muscles.
  • Medical-Heart Yoga boosts oxygen consumption, which boosts the delivery of oxygen to the heart. Lower levels of angiotensin-producing hormones are the outcome of less mental stress. Blood vessels veso-dilate as a result (increase in diameter).
Medical-Heart Yogas

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