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The Rajasthani word “saaol” means “to do things in the best way possible.”

In 1995, The Science and Art of Living (SAAOL) was founded. It is the largest cardiac rehabilitation and reversal programme in India. Currently, Saaol operates over 75 hospitals in Asia. The goal of Saaol is to raise life expectancy and reduce the risk of cardiac disease. Worldwide, Saaol has more than 75 locations, including ones in Bangladesh and the USA. Each year, it sees more than 20,000 patients.


What is Saaol?

  • This approach combines medical (allopathic) treatment with instruction in stress management, yoga, and meditation. This combination can repair blood vessel blockages and avoid coronary heart disease.
  • A very successful twenty-four years have passed for SAAOL (1995 to 2021). It is a novel idea that operates diagonally in opposition to the accepted wisdom of recent years. At first, selling the idea to others was challenging. We spent hours explaining it to prospective volunteers. In government hospitals, it was extremely simple to do, but in private facilities, it was quite different. Over time, things grew more controllable. Word-of-mouth is how Saaol’s good news gets out.

The most reputable non-invasive cardiac clinic in India for coronary artery disease is SAAOL. Doctors, nurses, and dieticians make up our team. Our key concerns are cleanliness and a welcoming environment. The goal of SAAOL, a non-invasive technique, is to treat heart disease with tried-and-true technology and procedures.

SAAOL employs less dangerous, non-invasive procedures including External Counter pulsation and Biochemical Angioplasty (BCA). These have FDA approval in the United States and are generally accepted throughout the world. It is possible to treat patients who have suffered cardiac disease, such as clogged coronary arteries. Additionally, they will be able to reverse the problem and stop further heart attacks thanks to this.

ECP and BCA are among the reduced services that we offer. We provide counselling for changing one’s lifestyle, including advice on yoga and diet. Get in touch with us for further details.

Our medical staff is capable of diagnosing and treating individuals with severe or unstable cardiac disease. We also offer our patients specialized attention.

We are eager to provide you with the best possible service.

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